Christophe Vioux - Artiste Ferronnier Sculpteur

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Christophe Vioux, Blacksmith Sculptor

At age nine, Christophe haunted the workshop of his father, himself a blacksmith and locksmith, from whom he learned his technique.

In the late 90s, back from a long trip in the South Pacific, he decided to build his forge and reconnected with the hammer and the anvil.

Over the next few years, Christophe developed his technique and oriented his craft towards sculpture. He draws on his sensitivity to give birth to feelings and emotions.

Artist Sculptor, passionate, meticulous and perfectionist, he works in the purest respect of the Art of Ironwork.

He often says that when he is sculpting, there is a struggle between the artistic gesture he desires, and the stiffness of the gross and cold matter that is steel. It is a necessary confrontation that gives rise to such singular sculptures that suggest soft lines, warmth and generosity.

His themes include the Woman, the Pacific Tribal Art and the abstract, in his own personal style...

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